BoomWriter: A good choice for teaching remote writing

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BoomWriter: A good choice for teaching remote writing

Since the outbreak of the pandemic several digital platforms together with mobile applications started incorporating features designed specifically to support distance learning. We have already featured several of these tools in the past few weeks in addition to today nosotros are sharing alongside you lot some other useful platform to aid you lot inward your remote education. The popular BoomWriter tool offers a broad diversity of features that allow you lot to engage students inwards remote writing activities. It also  provides yous amongst the tools to monitor students' writing inwards realtime enabling you lot to supply individualized feedback to each of your students. The process is uncomplicated and slow.

To starting time, you lot involve to make a new grade too add together students to it. BoomWriter provides y'all alongside different options for setting upwards students accounts: y'all tin can role Google single sign-inwards if your schoolhouse already uses Google for Education; you can import them from an Excel or CSV file, or manually create them on BoomWriter. When you lot add students to any grade, they will live automatically added to the assignments you make for that course. Once your class is fix you tin and so beginning creating your assignments.

There are diverse types of writing activities y'all can make as well as assign for your class. Whether it'sec persuasive writing essays, informational writing, poetry, non-fiction, or vocabulary-based activities, BoomWriter Assignment tool enables you lot to engage your students in numerous grouping-writing activities. While creating writing assignments you lot have the pick to activate the Grading feature which allows you to 'easily degree students’ submissions using standards-based rubrics to runway private too whole form functioning'. As the students piece of work on their  assignments,  you lot can monitor their writing inwards existent-fourth dimension enabling y'all to furnish timely personalized feedback to them. When the assignment is completed students tin can add their work to their Boomwriter portfolios or put out in addition to part it amongst others.

BoomWriter Student Journals is another swell characteristic  to aid y'all engage students inwards remote writing activities. As a teacher, y'all can render a writing prompt you lot want students to write virtually. You tin can fifty-fifty specify vocabulary items y'all want them to include inwards their writing. Again, you lot can monitor  students writing (journalling) inwards existent-time in addition to provide individualized feedback on students entries. "Best of all, the families of your students will have the choice at the end of the school year to buy a published re-create of their kid’second periodical. It’s the ultimate keepsake of each educatee’sec experience equally a writer in your classroom."

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