Tips to help you turn YouTube into a pedagogical tool for your teaching

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Tips to help you turn YouTube into a pedagogical tool for your teaching

YouTube can live a powerful educational platform if used effectively.  It hosts tons of educational video content that is readily accessible and for free. As teachers and educators, we tin can not but cover the educational potential of this platform together with do our best to leverage it in our instructional practices. To this end, I am sharing with you lot this collection of practical tips to assistance yous turn YouTube into a pedagogical tool to integrate in your teaching.   

Smart Chips is a new characteristic introduced into Google Workspace which I reviewed inward a previous mail service. When yous add together YouTube links to Docs or Slides,  you lot hover over the link to preview the video without leaving the page, or you lot click on Chip to hold the link of the video replaced alongside its championship.

vi- Restricted manner
Restricted style is used to cover out inappropriate content on YouTube. Here is how to activate it: Open YouTube together with click on your profile picture show in the top right corner, select Restricted Mode, too click on 'Activate Restricted Mode'.

7- YouTube Keyboard shortcuts
Here is a list of around handy YouTube keyboard shortcuts to aid y'all brand the best of your YouTube watching too navigating feel. The screenshot is taken from YouTube Help.

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