How to make a personalized and free QR code for your business?

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How to make a personalized and free QR code for your business? - Probably, these last few years, you have scanned at least one QR code. According to Scanova , more than 11 million users declare having used a QR code in 2020. Whether it is to see a restaurant menu or fill out a form on the street, a QR code will always be the fastest and most automated way to access any document or web portal. Although today its use is almost mandatory, its creation dates back to 2011, due to the massive sale of smartphones. 

Although a QR code is not essential in some types of business, having one and using it correctly can help you increase your sales and interactions with your customers through digital media. In addition, by having the possibility of generating a QR code for almost anything, your desire to innovate and create a creative  digital Marketing strategy can be well used.

Whether you see it from a business point of view or you just want to generate digital shortcuts, in today's article, we tell you what a QR code is, its advantages and the different ways to use it. Also, you will learn about different programs with which you can create a free QR code in a few seconds. 

What is a QR code?

A QR code is a module that allows you to store encoded information (a web link, an email, a social network profile, etc.) in a two-dimensional dot matrix or barcode made up of pixel patterns. 

This QR code dot matrix is ​​characterized by having 4 elements:
  1. Certain unique spacing and positioning patterns for each code.
  2. Small boxes in three of its corners, known as "eyes", that allow the reader to detect the position of the code.
  3. The specific data of each code, that is, the information they store.
  4. Two contrasting colors, usually black and white.
  5. What does the QR code mean? It comes from the English Quick Response Code which translates, literally, quick response code. Typically, dot matrix comes in black on a white background for high contrast—although your design may vary.
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