Talent. Webster's defines talent as the natural endowments of a person or as a special creative or artistic aptitude. When speaking of a singer, we tend to believe talent happens on the stage and in the studio in the delivery of a song. When speaking of a songwriter, we tend to view the song as a way of telling a story or making us feel something extraordinary. To be blunt, this singer and songwriter is blessed with talent - Dawn Sears is talent defined. A vocal beauty and powerful clarity that sounds as good on the stage as it does in the studio. No mixing of the vocals or Protools required here. What you hear is exactly what you get . . . beautifully natural. Dawn's songwriting comes from places in the heart and soul that only true talents arise from. From heartbreaking ballads to uplifting songs of love and faith, she has the genius of some of Nashville's most noteworthy writers. The 2002 release of Dawn Sears signifies a talent that is comfortable in her own skin. It's pure country with truth, honesty and emotion pouring out of every note. Despite record deals in year's past . . . this is the album she has always wanted to make. No labels to say "it's too country," "this is the right song," or "no not that one."
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