My video size is too big in after effects. What should I do?

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My video size is too big in after effects. What should I do? - If your video file is too big in After Effects, there are a few things you can try:

  • Adjust the resolution: Go to the Composition Settings and adjust the resolution of the composition. A lower resolution will result in a smaller file size.
  • Reduce the frame rate: You can also reduce the frame rate of the composition to reduce the size of the file.
  • Use codecs: Choose a codec that produces smaller file sizes, such as H.264 or HEVC. You can find these options in the output settings.
  • Trim the footage: Remove any unnecessary footage from the composition. The less footage there is, the smaller the file size will be.
  • Adjust the bitrate: Lower the bitrate of the video to reduce the file size. This option can also be found in the output settings.

Keep in mind that reducing the size of the video file may affect the quality of the video, so it's important to find a balance between file size and video quality.
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