A powerful dyslexia and accessibility tool to use with your students

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A powerful dyslexia and accessibility tool to use with your students

Helperbird is a skillful tool for students specially for those learners amongst Dyslexia in addition to ADHD. It is a powerful extension that combines a issue of features including dyslexia fonts, text to spoken communication with natural voices, OCR, dictation, immersive reader, overlays, dyslexia rulers, word prediction, reader fashion, in addition to many more than. 

The agency Helperbird plant is unproblematic too easy: install the extension on your Chrome browser in addition to offset activating the numerous features it offers. As for the textual features, the tool helps learners accommodate discussion too alphabetic character spacing, paragraph width, business-height together with font size;  utilize a specialized font or modify it to American sign language; as well as reduce motility back up.

HelperBird embeds Immersive Reader, a dictionary app, too supports translation to over 100 languages. Its optical character recognition enables learners to easily extract text from images. There are also the options to shroud images too Gifs to amend reading focus, capture screenshots of whatever webpage, annotate text amongst highlights and gluey notes, emphasize links, business focus together with many more than.

Watch the video below to meet Helperbird inward activity

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