A simple and free tool to create your own wizards for use in class

Want to create your own laid of manipulatives to function in your grade with students? Flippity has this awesome tool that lets you convert whatsoever Google Spreadsheet into click too drag objects. The procedure is uncomplicated too easy. You only take to customize the pre-made spreadsheet amongst your own information in addition to click to generate your manipulatives.

Here is how to purpose Flippity Manipulativesec to generate your ain manipulatives. First click to copy the template. You demand to live signed in to your Google Drive to access the spreadsheet. Next, type inward your own information. You tin can add together images or videos past inserting their URLs in the provided cells. Once y'all are done click on File, Publish to the Web. In the window that opens select Get the link Here tab in addition to click on the generated link. Voila your set of manipulatives is prepare together with live.