BlocksCAD - A good resource for teaching students computer skills and coding

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BlocksCAD - A good resource for teaching students computer skills and coding

Here is the first of my mail. And here is the balance of it. BlocksCAD is a neat platform that allows students to blueprint 3D models using their computing too coding skills. The site  features a treasure trove of learning materials together with curricular content that teachers tin can easily integrate in their instruction. It offers detailed touchstone-aligned lesson plans, professional evolution resources, online courses, webinars, as well as several other materials to help teachers, students in addition to educators make the best of BlocksCAD  inward their teaching/learning.

BlocksCAD tin can live used for dissimilar educational purposes. Students can usage it to 'make geometrical proficiency and other math skills', 'write a computer computer programme to draw a firm 3D model', create educational games together with many more than. As for teachers, BlocksCAD offers a platform where they tin learn coding, math in addition to computer skills. Some of the things teachers tin can exercise on BlocksCAD include:
  • "Create classes
  • Manage your pupil's accounts
  • Access as well as Edit pupil code
  • Download pupil .stl files for your 3D printer
  • Support from the BlocksCAD team
  • See how long students pass on their designs
  • Lessons provided for grades 3-12:
  • Introductory lessons
  • Common Core math aligned lessons
  • CSTA Computer Science standards aligned lessons
  • Create your own custom lessons" 
Watch the video below to learn more almost BlocksCAD

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