Canva Comic Strip Maker - A great tool that teachers and students can use to create educational comic strips

Canva comic strop maker is a practiced tool teachers together with students tin employment to create cartoons. Comic strips can be used for a wide diversity of educational purposes including digital storytelling, simplifying a complex concept, practise writing in addition to speaking, revise vocabulary, too many more. The tool is uncomplicated too slowly to utilisation, no coding or pattern knowledge is required. 

There are numerous prepare-made templates to pick out from to create your own cartoons or you lot tin start from scratch using a blank template. Either way, Canva comic strip maker is an ideal platform where you lot can unleash your creativity and engage inwards meaningful artful experiences. 

Here is how Canva comic strip maker plant: caput over to Canva as well as type in 'comic strip' inwards the search box. Choose from the pick of templates there or choose a blank blanket.  When y'all discover the template that suits your needs click on it to customize it the agency you want. You can alter its way, layout, characters, colour, icons, illustrations, etc. You tin can even upload your own images too fine art. "Each template comes amongst consummate page, a blank page, voice communication bubbles too two pages of representative sets. Easily drag too drib elements to your pattern".

There is fifty-fifty a collaborative feature which students can utilisation to run together on the same comic strip.  When the concluding product is ready, it can live shared on social media websites or downloaded to live printed as well as used in form.