COVID-19 Resources for Educators and Educators

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COVID-19 Resources for Educators and Educators

The outbreak of COVID-nineteen marked the outset of a new historical era, ane that witnessed unprecedented social, economic, cultural, too educational transformations. For us inwards education, the far-reaching effects of the pandemic have been felt inwards every facial expression of the learning/teaching process. Modes of instruction have of a sudden shifted to the cloud so enforcing a novel reality where digitality takes primal stage.

The e-migration of didactics  has created diverse forms of educational inequity increasing the digital carve up in addition to creating novel challenges particularly for students from low socioeconomic backgrounds. Distance instruction does non exclusively require Internet connectedness but a high bandwidth connection which is non e'er available for low income families. Digital literacy is another key challenge. Many students and teachers are caught unprepared too lack the necessary digital skills to make, communicate, portion, as well as release digital content. Needless to mention the price of digital devices as well as technical hardware needed to mediate these digital modalities of learning. 

4- Books to help teachers and students larn nigh pandemics
This listing I shared a few months agone features five insightful books on pandemics. These are reads that volition "take you lot into a historically together with educationally insightful journeying into the earth of pandemics and will introduce y'all to the stories behind the most devastating epidemics in human history (e.g., the Great Influenza, the Black Death, Ebola, Cholera, etc) as well as how they have forever changed the Earth, stories that carry much resemblance to the one existence constructed right immediately as nosotros deal with the current pandemic".
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