Free story games, lessons, worksheets, and educational video content for social studies teachers

The final fourth dimension I wrote almost the Common Sense powered educational platform WideOpenSchool it was a review of their field trips resources. In today's post I am bringing your attention to another first-class resources for social studies classes. 

WideOpenSchool's social studies section features a broad variety of educational materials to role with your students in too exterior form. These include gratis history games, lessons, worksheets, apps, videos, and activities. You tin browse through these resources by grade (preschool-12) or by genre such as activeness, article/Ebook, sound, lesson, video, website/app, together with/or worksheet. Once yous find the resource y'all like yous tin click on the embedded link to view it. You tin can as well click on the 'Send' button to part it via email, as a generated link, or direct to Google Classroom.

The social studies resources on WideOpenSchools are compiled from diverse educational websites including NASA, PBS Learning media, BrainPop, Common Sense, Time for Kids, as well as many more. You may want to pass some fourth dimension going through the resources at that place as well as portion alongside us your feedback.