Google Drive file sharing: 7 helpful tips for teachers

In today'sec post I am sharing with you around useful Google Drive sharing tips  to aid y'all brand the best of Google Drive in your instructional practice. More specifically, y'all volition get to larn how to: portion multiple files instantly,  part files as well as folders amongst specific individuals together with groups of people, stop sharing your files,  enable several people to persuasion a file inward the same fourth dimension, halt publishing a file, embed files inward blogs or websites, as well as how to transfer ownership of a Google Drive file. 

1- Share multiple files
  • On your keyboard, 
  • Hold Shift together with select files, 
  • Click on Share at the elevation right
ii- Share with specific people
  • Click or open a file
  • Click on ShareS
  • Type in the electronic mail addresses of recipients
  • Click on the Down arrow to choose what recipients can do amongst your files: Viewer, Commenter, or Editor
  • Check/Uncheck the Notify people box to notify or not notify recipients that you lot shared a doctor alongside them
  • Click on Share/Send.
3- Stop sharing a file
To stop sharing a file:
  • Open a file/folder
  • Click on Share
  • Find the soul y'all desire to stop sharing with
  • Click on the Down arrow to the right of their mention in addition to select Remove
  • Click Save.
4- Share and collaborate on a file alongside more than 100 people
You tin can allow several people to persuasion your file now by publishing it to the spider web. Omce published whatever updates made to the master document volition automatically demo upwards in the published version. Here is how to release a file to the spider web:
  • Open a file inwards Google Docs
  • Click on File at the top
  • Select Publish to the web
  • Click Publish
  • Copy the URL and percentage it with others
five- Stop publishing a file
To halt publishing a file to the web:
  • Open a file inwards Google Docs
  • Click on File at the meridian
  • Select Publish to the web
  • Click Publish content and settings
  • Click Stop publishing.
half-dozen- Embed files
You tin embed files inwards your blog or website using the following steps:
  • Open a file in Google Docs
  • Click on File at the acme
  • Select Publish to the spider web
  • Click on Embed
  • Click on Publish
  • Copy the HTML as well as paste it into your web log or website
seven- Transfer ownership of a file
You tin can easily transfer ownership of your Google Drive folders in addition to files  to others with a Google account. Once the ownership of a file is transfered y'all tin non transfer it dorsum to you lot or delete the file from Google Drive. Here is how to change owners:
  • Open Google Docs too click on a folder/file 
  • "Click Share or Share Share.
  • To the right of a someone yous've already shared the file amongst, click the Down arrow Down arrow.
  • Click Make possessor.
  • Click Done."

s post I am sharing with you some useful Google Drive sharing tips  to help you make the b Sharing Google Drive Files- 7 Helpful Tips for Teachers