Google Forms tools to help teachers automatically send email notifications when students submit forms

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Google Forms tools to help teachers automatically send email notifications when students submit forms

If you lot  employment Google Forms inwards your educational activity, the add together-ons below volition  live helpful. They exercise the same job, that is, they allow y'all to automatically ship e-mail notifications to respondents of your Forms. While Form Notifications past Google is pretty basic in addition to uncomplicated to exercise, Email Notifications past Digital Inspiration offers means more than features too functionalities particularly its premium version. You may want to effort them out too run into which ane industrial plant best for y'all.

This add-on lets yous automatically notify Forms respondents via email when they submit your Google Forms. You tin customize your electronic mail notification the means y'all similar. You tin can besides include links to upload Google Drive files if you select to include a file upload champaign inwards your Form.Another cool characteristic is the power to attach various file formats from your Google Drive (e.g., PDF, Microsoft Office, Music  Video, Zip Archives, etc) to your notification e-mail. You tin can also include 'dynamic barcodes in addition to QR codes in e-mail messages generated from Form answers.'

 The free version of this add together-on allows users to electronic mail up to 20 Form responses per day, premium users tin send upward to 1500 email responses. Additionally, "premium users can make conditional rules as well as send customized emails to dissimilar people depending on the user'sec pick inwards the form. Conditions tin can be uncomplicated (similar when the customer selects iPhone, transport an email to iPhone back up squad) or you tin use RegEx for specifying more complex conditions (like transport emails to the Asia Pacific group when the selected state is Nihon or Singapore)."

Form Notifications, an add-on provided by Google, enables users to automate electronic mail notifications for:"
1. Form respondents - Configure messages that are delivered as individuals submit the Forms submission
ii. Form owners as well as editors - Configure messages that are delivered to y'all (as the creator of the Form), or other collaborators, on predetermined response thresholds".
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