Helpful Resources for Teaching Copyright and Fair Use

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Helpful Resources for Teaching Copyright and Fair Use

An of import office of responsible digital citizenship, according to creative park. To help students train such an understanding, Copyright in addition to Creativity -a site I discovered through AASL- offers this excellent collection of educational resources fix for utilization in classrooms. "These materials aim to render accessible in addition to practical data nearly copyright – its protections, its limitations, and its role in encouraging creativity. Rather than merely emphasizing what copyright prohibits, the destination here is to offering useful too positive information almost what copyright allows in addition to how students can successfully navigate and rely on copyright in their own roles every bit creators." One caveat here is that these resources pertain to the United States rules of copyright.

Resources offered by Copyright too Creativity include an elementary curriculum that offers lessons illustrated amongst curt animations roofing topics such as fair usage, public domain, digital sharing ethics, together with more; a eye schoolhouse curriculum amongst lessons focusing on topics such equally how to create new content using others' piece of work, how to differentiate betwixt legal too ethical sharing too ane that infringes copyright law, too more than; a high school curriculum containing materials designed to "assistance yous learn essential digital citizenship concepts of copyright as well as inventiveness too to acquire students thinking as well as talking near how these concepts relate to their own online activities." 

Check out the resources on Copyright as well as Creativity in addition to portion amongst your colleagues.
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