Here's a good STEM website to use with your students in class

Brilliant is an educational platform to role in your teaching to assist students inwards their STEM learning. It offers hands-on as well as interactive lessons created by teachers together with educators from MIT, Google, Microsoft, Duke, in addition to several other renowned platforms. Brilliant'sec courses "explore the laws that shape our world, elevating math too scientific discipline from something to be feared to a delightful experience of guided find". Brilliant is an educational platform to use in your teaching to help students in their STE Here Is A Good STEM Website to Use with Your Students in Class
Brilliant offers courses for all ages together with skill levels from beginner to advanced. Students volition get to acquire abstract scientific concepts as well as complex mathematical calculations through fun storytelling, guided job solving, as well as interactive visualisations. Brilliant has a complimentary Education plan which provides teachers and educators access to interactive lessons in addition to EdTech tools.