iPlayText: An app that plays Wikipedia articles as podcasts

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iPlayText: An app that plays Wikipedia articles as podcasts

iPlayText is a cool app that tin play text every bit a podcast. It industrial plant alongside Wikipedia articles or you tin can upload your ain text too accept the app read it outloud for yous. This is specially helpful for learners amongst special needs too those amongst visual impairment. It is too a skillful pick to endeavour when y'all desire to pass your eyes a intermission from the constant exposure to cover low-cal.

iPlayText supports a wide diversity of languages including Arabic, Chinese, French, High German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Turkish, too many more. Other features provided past the app include: the power to access as well as purpose the app offline, select from a wide variety of voices, customize the playback speed, select your favourite voice for each linguistic communication, too more. 

iPlayText, which I discovered. through Apps Gone Free, is on sale today. It is free in addition to entirely for a limited menstruum of time. You may want to reach it a attempt and part amongst us your impressions on the web log's social media profiles. Watch the video below to run across the app inwards activity.

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