Sharleen Spiteri: 'I kept wanting to leap downward into the audience'

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Sharleen Spiteri: 'I kept wanting to leap downward into the audience'

dawnsears.comThis morning Sharleen Spiteri of Texas spoke to Zoe Ball on the Radio 2 Breakfast Show about Texas’ performance for Radio ii Live, which is straight off available to scout on BBC iPlayer or heed on the BBC Sounds app (only search for ‘Radio 2 Live’). Zoe volition be releasing a Radio 2 Live ready each twenty-four hour period this week, as well as chatting to the line-upwards – tomorrow it’second Steps, followed past Manic Street Preachers and so Westlife.

Texas’ functioning was an exclusive gig for a pocket-size audience of fans which was recorded inward August at Glasgow’sec St. Luke’s.


Sharleen Spiteri

Sharleen told Zoe: “It was absolutely vivid. I was trying to control myself… because I kept wanting to spring down into the audience… it was 40 people in addition to I actually at ane point literally went round the audience together with asked everybody’sec names, similar had a piddling chat amongst them, but I did discover it actually difficult non to get down too milk shake their hands in addition to say ‘how y'all doing?’ together with take a fiddling sit and chat. It was something real magical as well as special about it… [It] was lit beautifully, it looked absolutely gorgeous… it was a beautiful venue… it was a instant of letting out a lot of angst in addition to everything that’s just built upwardly over the last 18 months. It felt fantastic to sing out total pelt.”

Sharleen also revealed a hugger-mugger to Zoe – that she is a brilliant rollerblader together with was taught to rollerblade by a French World Champion!!

There is as well a particular Radio ii Live highlights shows on Radio ii from 8pm-10pm on Sabbatum eleven September together with from 7pm-9pm on Lord's Day 12 September.

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