SolveMe - A great site to help students learn math through puzzles

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SolveMe - A great site to help students learn math through puzzles

SolveMe is a math resource I discovered through a blog post from Tcea which I am adding to our math resources department hither inward ETML. SolveMe engages students inwards hands-on math learning experiences using the educational power of puzzles to help them develop cardinal mathematical skills. The site offers three chief sets of puzzles: MysteryGrid, Who Am I?, in addition to Mobiles.

To solve MysteryGrid puzzle, you lot call for to conform all of the tiles inwards the corresponding rows too columns inwards such a way that the tiles fit the clues. "Clues may consist of inequality symbols between grid-squares or number/operation pairs that bespeak the number that must live the upshot of combining all the tiles inward that section (called a cage) using the indicated functioning"

The Who Am I puzzles are "fun at a diverseness of mathematical levels. Clues back up learning almost place value, fifty-fifty as well as strange, inequalities, multiples and factors, divisibility, primes, squares as well as roots, algebraic expressions, too factoring. Players function mathematical clues to decide the digital of a mystery number."

The Mobiles app provides a host of colorful puzzles designed to help "algebra and pre-algebra students every bit well as puzzle-lovers of all ages establish too strengthen the logic of solving equations for unknown values."
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