Ken: Google's tool for preserving digital content

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Ken: Google's tool for preserving digital content

Keen is a social networking and spider web curation platform provided by Google. Keen, every bit MakeUseOf stated, is Google'sec alternative to Pinterest. Keen allows y'all to curate content online and share your curated collections alongside others. As a instructor, y'all can utilization Keen for both educational and professional development purposes. You tin can create Keens around particular topics of interest too invite others to assist you lot grow your collection. You besides have the choice to make your Keens individual or world.

Source: https://www.web

Keen draws on the algorithmic ability of Google Search together with machine learning to furnish you with the best recommendations based on your saved Keens."For every great you lot create, we employment Google Search and the latest inwards machine learning to remain on the lookout for helpful content related to your interests. The more than yous salve to a slap-up and organize it, the ameliorate the recommendations get. Even if y'all’re non an practiced on a topic, you tin can get-go curating a nifty together with salvage a few interesting “gems” or links that you observe helpful. These bits of content act similar seeds too help not bad discover more than and more related content over time. You tin besides follow keens that others take created, discovering thousands of hand-curated lists from the community too getting alerts when novel things are added."

Watch the video below to learn more most Keen in addition to share with us your feedback.

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