Two useful Google Meet tools for teachers and educators

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Two useful Google Meet tools for teachers and educators

Google Meet is definitely ane of the best video conferencing tools to employment inward your distance education. The didactics community is increasingly drawing on its communicative ability to deliver courses, host meetings together with PD sessions, organize online conferences, run virtual classes, together with many more. Given its educational potential I take dedicated a whole department featuring resources to help teachers brand the best of this platform in their teaching.

After nosotros have seen how to record Google Meet captions too alive chat messages, today's post features ii equally important extensions that volition aid yous accuse your Meet amongst more practical functionalities:

Google Meet Enhancement Suite adds over twoscore features to Google Meet. These include basic features such as : push to talk (allows you to mute in addition to unmute yourself amongst a single click), automobile bring together (lets y'all get straight to the meeting), quick go out (lets y'all get out meetings with a single click), set background color, automatically enable captions on calls, motorcar video off, motorcar mute, together with many more than.
As for the pro features they include: motorcar tape, speaker highlight, coming together timer, mirror videos, mute all, practice not disturb fashion, motorcar pin chat, auto-full presentation free on presentation, display clock, hotkey editing, night mode, together with many more than.

Another key extension that adds more interactive features to Google Meet. Basic features include: drag/resize/restore video tiles, night modes, exhibit/hide bottom bar, emoji reaction, assist request (participants tin asking assist from the coming together host), job management (participants have tasks from the meeting host), trivia quiz (integrate trivia quiz in meetings), link sharing (participants tin can part links during run across sessions), meeting timer, stopwatch, together with many more than.
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