Draft - a Google Docs plugin to help you with drafting

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Draft - a Google Docs plugin to help you with drafting

Draftback is a adept web tool that allows you lot to playback the revision history of any Google Doc yous tin edit. You will live able to lookout your edits curlicue out inward a video role player as if you are watching a motion-picture show. We accept tried this extension a duet of times and it worked perfectly good. As a instructor, y'all tin can utilization Draftback to rail students revision history to place how much go as well as fourth dimension they take lay into their writing. You volition also be able to come across whether physician is their ain writing or they take been copying in addition to pasting stuff from the Internet.

Drawback provides you lot with detailed analytics about your Google Docs revision history. It really uses the history info Google Docs saves about your document too presents it to you lot in a friendly means. ‘It'sec similar going back inward fourth dimension to expect over your ain shoulder as you lot write.’ To usage Draftback, you ask to grant it access to your Google Docs, ‘Draftback exclusively needs access to docs.google.com to acquire the revision information for playback—but that data never leaves your ain browser.’ Try it out too share alongside us your feedback inwards our Facebook page.
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