How to delete hidden app data on Google Drive

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How to delete hidden app data on Google Drive

As a Google Drive user, yous are automatically given 16 GB storage space for complimentary. This storage space is shared across iii services: Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Drive. Anything you store inwards whatsoever of those services, fifty-fifty messages in addition to attachments together with items in your spam as well as trash folders accept upwards from the total storage. To larn how much  storage infinite you have used bank check out this link from a figurer. If you find yourself running out of storage space you need to either buy more storage or delete some of the items from Drive, Gmail or Photos. Below are or so useful tips to help you lot improve grapple your Drive’s storage space:

1- Clear space inward Google Drive
Large files in Drive function more infinite than other files. You necessitate to delete the ones you don’t postulate. Here is how to practise it:
  • ‘Use  this link to run across your files listed from largest to smallest.
  • Put files you don't want inward your trash, then permanently delete them. Learn how to delete files.
  • Within 24 hours, the items you lot deleted volition exhibit inwards the available space in your Google Drive business relationship.’
ii- Delete hidden data from apps inwards Google Drive
Some of the apps you lot purpose amongst Google Drive store hidden information that is ordinarily not useful together with takes upward much space. Here is how to check and delete  hidden data in Google Drive:
  • ‘Go to
  • Click the toggle push button and select Settings .
  • On the left, click Manage Apps.
  • If there is hidden app data, the total will demo under the app description. To delete this information, click Options in addition to so Delete hidden app information.’ 
Check out Google Drive Help for more tips together with tricks.
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