7 hidden Google Drive features teachers need to know

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7 hidden Google Drive features teachers need to know

In today'sec post I am sharing amongst yous this collection of Google Drive tips to assistance y'all brand the best of Google Drive inwards your instruction. These are less visible yet powerful features that tin can optimize your Google Drive experience as well as enhance your overall productivity. More specifically, you lot will get to learn how to restore deleted files, how to organize folders using colour tags, how to create shortcuts for files together with folders, how to relieve web content to Google Drive, and how to edit Office files in Google Drive. For more than tips too resources you can e'er advert to Google Drive Help. 

This post is role of a serial of posts roofing Google tools in education. We have already reviewed Google Meet, Docs, and Classroom.

1- Restore deleted files
You tin can solely restore files that have been moved to the trash less than 30 days. Drive permanently deletes files afterward the xxx-24-hour interval fourth dimension frame. To restore files you lot deleted:

2- Create a shortcut for a file or folder
The shortcut feature makes it slow for y'all to organize and discover files in addition to folders inward numerous Google Drives."A shortcut is a link that references another file or folder". Here is how to create a shortcut:
  • "On your figurer, get to cause.google.com.
  • Right-click the file or folder y'all desire to brand a shortcut for.
  • Click Add shortcut to Drive.
  • Choose where you lot desire the shortcut to be.
  • Click Add shortcut."
three- Organize folders past color
This organizational features allows yous to change the color of folders in your Drive. Here is how to practise it:
  • "On your computer, become to drive.google.com.
  • Right-click the folder you lot desire to alter.
  • Click Change color together with select the colour you desire."
4- Save web content to Google Drive
Save to Google Drive extension lets you lot relieve content from the web right to your Google Drive account. Before you lot relieve content brand certain you lot do non violate whatever copyright laws of the owner of the content. Here is how to use the extension:
  • Install the extension from Chrome web shop
  • Open Google Chrome.
  • Access the webpage whose content y'all want to save.
  • Right-click on the item to save together with click 'Save [item]to Google Drive.'
  • To salve the webpage click on the Drive image inwards the pinnacle correct.
v- Use Google Drive files offline
To be able to access your Google Drive files without Internet connexion you postulate to utilization Chrome browser together with install the Google Docs Offline Chrome extension. Here is how to open up Docs, Sheets, as well as Slides offline:
  • Open Chrome together with sign in to your Chrome business relationship
  • Go to "campaign.google.com/drive/settings.
  • Check the box side by side to "Create, open up, in addition to edit your recent Google Docs, Sheets, in addition to Slides files on this device patch offline." 
To relieve Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides for offline use:
  • "On your reckoner, go to movement.google.com.
  • Right click the Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides file you lot desire to relieve offline.
  • Turn on "Available offline."
half-dozen- Create a map in Google Drive
Here is how to create a map inward your Google Drive:
  • Log in to your Google Drive business relationship
  • Click New- More- Google My Maps.
seven- View too edit Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint inward Google Drive
There are two ways to piece of work on Office files inwards Google Drive. You tin can either direct edit them inward Google Drive past double-clicking on them (password protected files are not supported) or you tin can usage Office Compatibility Mode (OCM) which lets yous "open too edit Office files inward Drive, the Docs, Sheets, together with Slides homescreens & apps, too Gmail." OCM plant alone on Chrome browser on your computer. Here is how to usage OCM with Docs, Sheets, together with Slides:
  • "Open a Chrome browser window.
  • Install the Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides Chrome extension.
  • Open any Office file and starting time editing."
s post I am sharing with you this collection of Google Drive tips to help you make the bes 7 Hidden Google Drive Features Teachers Should Know about
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