A good Google Drive tool for creating and assigning digital badges to students

Magic Digital Badges is a Google Drive add together-on that lets yous create and assign digital badges to students. You tin role images saved inwards your Google Drive to make diverse types of badges. The means it industrial plant is simple together with slowly: get-go yous demand to make a Google Drive folder where you lot store badges you lot make so head over to Google Sheets as well as launch the add together-on then follow these instructions

Once you consummate the gear up, Google Sheet volition automatically accolade badges to selected students. Also, "Digital Badges volition automatically create as well as portion a Google Drive folder amongst the students that will live owned past you. These folders are where copies of the electronic Digital Badges will live placed for the relevant pupil. Students tin and so access their personal Digital Badges folder to encounter which badges take been awarded through Google Drive or their folder could live embedded into their ain Google Sites/Digital Portfolio for tardily viewing. "

As a instructor, you as well have the selection to notify students via email of their assigned digital badges. Watch the tutorial below to larn more than near how Magic Digital Badges piece of work.