Practical advice on Google Forms for teachers

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Practical advice on Google Forms for teachers

Google Forms is ane of the best gratuitous tools for creating a wide multifariousness of forms from surveys to questionnaires in addition to quizzes. The latest update to Forms which automatically saves users' progress every bit draft available for thirty days makes Forms an splendid platform to function amongst students.  They tin can directly beginning responding to forms y'all share alongside them on one device in addition to selection upwardly where they left inward some other device or at a afterward time. 

In today'second post I want to part amongst you lot this handy tip I learned from Miguel Guhlin's postal service Five Hacks from Google Forms. It is near searching for sample forms online. 

If you are looking for inspiration or are looking for guidance on how and what to include inward your Forms, y'all can search Google for examples of forms published online using the following search formula:
search price + site: 

For case, if you desire to see examples of rubric forms you lot tin can type in Google search engine the next : rubrics site:; similarly for examples of grading forms you lot can type inwards grading site: 

If you lot rather search for pre-designed forms to adapt to your own teaching needs, I recommend Google Forms gallery which contains an increasing issue of cook-made forms arranged into various categories (e.g., personal, work, teaching, etc). You tin browse through the collections together with click on the ones yous similar to first customizing them to your ain preferences.

Google Forms is one of the best free tools for creating a wide variety of forms from surve A Practical Google Forms Tip for Teachers
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