Diverse BookFinder offers a huge collection of multicultural picture books

Diverse BookFinder is a huge collection of kids trade film books featuring black as well as indigenous people and people of colour (PIPOC). Diverse BookFinder collects 'all depictions of BIPOC characters inwards merchandise pic books published since 20002. Anyone can cheque these books out at whatever time through interlibrary loan'.

Diverse BookFinder offers an integrated search tool that enables users to easily search for in addition to locate children'second' pic books featuring BIPOC characters. Additionally, the site provides 'real-time data on who (which BIPOC characters) is depicted inwards trade pic books, as well as how (what messages these stories mail), to enable deeper conversation and alter.'

Diverse BookFinder offers a new tool called collection analysis tool (CAT) which allows you lot to generate detailed reports on the representations of BIPOC characters inward your book collections. You just upload a digital file of your collection to Diverse BookFinder in addition to CAT will automatically cross reference it alongside its database of motion picture books .in addition to generates insightful reports in the cast of graphs and charts. Watch the video below to larn more than virtually CAT.

Courtesy of AASL