Take students on virtual field trips around the world with these educational resources

WideOpenSchool, a platform powered past Common Sense, offers this interesting resource featuring "recommendations for champaign trip tours, activities, in addition to videos". I hold been sifting through their field trip resources together with constitute them really helpful. You tin easily integrate them in your instruction and assistance students explore the globe virtually from the comforts of your ain classroom.

These resources are fetched from various platforms in addition to are sorted by degree. There are materials for preschool, k-12, grades 3-5, grades half-dozen-8, and grades 9-12. Examples of educational resources featured inward WideOpenSchool include Niagara Falls a resources for K-5 students to assist them explore too learn near this natural monument bordering the States together with Canada. In the Visit an Animal Shelter, K-8 students become to virtually explore the animate being shelter inward Sacramento, California as well as acquire almost how "pets are taken attention of  earlier they get adopted and find a new dwelling". Similarly, inwards Peek into the White House, using sign language students (grades 2-12) are taken on a virtual tour inside the West Wing of the White House and learn near how "president's 45-second commute looks similar". I invite yous to check the residual of the resources in addition to share alongside your students.