Educational apps to learn to play the piano

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Educational apps to learn to play the piano

Below is a handpicked collection of some expert apps you lot tin utilization alongside students and kids to assistance them learn to play the pianoforte. The apps are suitable for a wide diversity of historic period categories together with skill levels from beginner to advanced. Students will acquire to master pianoforte playing through theoretical lessons, hands-on activities, interactive games, together with rehearsals. While about of these apps are totally complimentary others offer inwards-app purchases. Check them out in addition to part with us your feedback inwards our social media profiles.

1-Piano Melody

Provides yous with over 200 songs to help yous learn to play dissimilar musical melodies. It offers a customizable in addition to resizable piano that allows y'all to easily change the size of the keys on the piano. Some of its features include: "total back up for all devices, focus on parts of the vocal to play dorsum, authentic digitised grand pianoforte sounds, highlight notes on/off to play by ear, slow downwards / speed up the vocal, plough upwards / downwardly mass of vocal play, which is ideal for play along manner, as well as many more.

two- OnlinePianist

"Learn to play the piano amongst thousands of animated piano lessons for your favorite music.OnlinePianist is groovy if you lot desire to acquire pianoforte by yourself or as a complementary tool for your school or private pianoforte lessons." Some of its features include:

  • "Thousands of pop songs too classical pieces.
  • A personalized learning experience alongside thirteen player learning features.
  • Personal songbook for collecting as well as practicing your favorite songs.
  • Perfect for those of you who previously learned with a teacher or inwards school in addition to just want to play their favorite songs.
  • Works alongside whatever pianoforte or keyboard."

three- Piano Scale as well as Chords

As its mention indicates, this app lets y'all acquire Chords together with Scales either by 'viewing equally a reference or playing back'. Some of its features include:

  • "Highly configurable piano - multitouch, glissando, highlighting, banker's bill names (criterion or solfege, resizable keyboard suitable for all devices too tablets.) .
  • Scales and Chords Games to test noesis. Advance through levels together with an area to cheque to progress. Best way to acquire is to test yourself on a pianoforte
  • Play whatsoever notes as well as the app volition recognise the scale or chord you lot take played.
  • All keys, all scales, modes, chords as well as root notes available. 1000s available.
  •  No inward-app purchases."

4- Piano Academy

"Piano Academy is for anyone who's looking to larn the pianoforte from scratch, or for those who accept prior noesis in addition to want to proceed learning by practice playing along to their favorite songs. Piano Academy offers an on-concealment touch keyboard therefore you tin can get-go playing straight off. The app also supports MIDI connexion, as well as it tin can fifty-fifty notice the notes you play if you lot take an acoustic or electronic piano."

5- Skoove: Learn Piano

"Explore the magic of learning piano together with discover your ain trivial musical getaway. Join over 1 meg people enjoying interactive pianoforte as well as keyboard lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. Skoove makes it piece of cake to acquire and practice notes, chords too technique."

six- Notecoach

"Notecoach makes learning to play the piano piece of cake.The app listens to y'all play on your existent pianoforte or keyboard, teaches you theory, too helps yous master pieces by famous composers such every bit Mozart in addition to Beethoven.The app is suitable for pianoforte players of all levels, too teaches classical, gospel, too modern styles of piano music."

7- Piano Marvel

"With over 25,000 songs together with exercises, Piano Marvel is perfect for all ages too ability levels. Learn to play your favorite songs, too rails your progress over fourth dimension. Practice sight-reading with the SASR (Standard Assessment of Sight-Reading) and play your favorite songs on an acoustic or digital piano. Parents and teachers tin thought exercise reports to monitor progress in addition to motivate students. You volition live more than motivated to do with fun accompaniments, leaderboards, exercise goals, instant feedback, together with multiple practise modes."

8- Hello Piano: Learn Pro Lessons

"With Hello Piano app you can acquire how to play piano good too study the theory without difficulties. Interactive learning procedure consists of daily challenges, which include educating games too theory lessons. The curriculum focuses on 4 primary skills necessary for any piano histrion: beat, ear training, playing technique, in addition to music sheets. By using the app for simply 15 minutes a twenty-four hours y'all will acquire tangible results as well as enough skills to play the real pianoforte."
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