Math Whiteboard - A collaborative whiteboard designed for learning and teaching math

Math Whiteboard is an educational web tool I learned through Eric Curts. As its bring up indicates, Math Whiteboard offers a fully functional math piece of work infinite for students, teachers, and anyone else interested inward turning their math noesis into concrete concepts. The tool comes equipped alongside practical features that brand math learning much more than engaging. 

Math Whiteboard embeds a powerful figurer algebra organisation that supports complex calculations. Besides typing, users can also sketch or handwrite their math equations as well as movement seamlessly between sketches, graphs together with solutions. You can also import your PDFs into the whiteboard and usage the tool's internal editor to annotate them. You tin even "brand your PDF assignment files your background'. 

The collaborative features inward Math Whiteboard allows y'all to share your whiteboard amongst students and work on the same workspace. You tin can create your ain whiteboards to share amongst your collaborators. If yous accept a classroom blog or website, y'all tin utilisation the generated link to embed your math whiteboard in them. 

Math Whiteboard is exclusively web based too does non involve whatever software installation. Give it a try together with part amongst us your feedback.