Teacher tools for sharing audio notes with students

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Teacher tools for sharing audio notes with students

Below are ii of the most popular tools among teachers as well as educators that y'all tin employment to tape as well as share sound feedback with your students. Both of these applications are integrated with Docs in addition to Slides too can also live used every bit spider web tools to be used with any website. While both share the sound feedback feature they also offering  distinct services. For instance, spell Kaizena offers Lessons, Skills, together with Rubrics, Mote offers translation and transcription features. Check them out as well as run into which 1 plant  best for your form.

 Kaizena allows you to easily insert phonation comments into  documents. The way it plant is tardily: you but highlight parts in the document and click on the record icon to add together your sound feedback. Students tin reply to your audio feedback too/or portion feedback with each other. Using Kaizena'sec Lessons characteristic y'all volition be able to salve your sound too/ or text feedback to re-utilization inwards other documents. Lessons also allows you lot to save any website as a lesson as well as to automatically embed YouTube videos in your feedback. Kaizena is available every bit both a Google Drive add-on  that industrial plant on Docs too Slides equally good as a spider web application. To offset using Kaizena, you demand to register too get-go creating groups for your classes. You tin so invite students to join in using the generated code. Watch this video to learn more than virtually Kaizena.

2- Mote 

Mote is another excellent tool that allows you to add voice comments and audio content to a broad diversity of documents, emails, forms, and assignments. Mote is integrated with Google Drive allowing yous to create vocalisation notes on Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms, in addition to Classroom. You tin can also record in addition to add audio within your Gmail emails. Mote is available equally a Chrome extension which can be used on whatsoever website or application to add sound notes. A groovy characteristic supported by Mote is that of transcription. The vocalization-to-text functionality enables yous to transcribe your audio to over xx languages, still, this characteristic every bit is the example with several other advanced features (e.g., the ability to interpret your mote transcripts, the power to transcribe motes with Math as well as Scientific notation using STEM style, in addition to the power to salve as well as call back motes from your motebook) are only available for premium accounts. Watch this video to acquire more virtually Mote.
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